Why settle for who you are, when you can be more? We will open your mind so wide you will be able to lucid dream, or as we say, SLEEP™* . You will be able to random access your subconscious mind and control it. In one 90 minute appointment, you will earn more, have more followers, more fans, love more, more, more, more…

Sweet dreams, SOMNAI

*may cause acute death.

  • What is it?

    Our name is SOMNAI. We will awaken all your human senses. We are the place where hyperreality and virtual reality meet – a live, multi-sensory experience with immersive technologies.

  • Why am I here?

    To book ahead of the crowd and avoid disappointment.

  • Where will it be?

    We live in central London: 2 Pear Tree Street (off Goswell Road), London EC1V 3SB

  • When does it begin?

    We are open from March 2018.

  • How long will it be?

    Your appointment will last for around 90 minutes. You will be in a group with up to 6 people. Each group has a special time slot and should arrive 15 minutes before this. We are sad to say that we will not be able to accommodate you if you do not arrive on time.

  • Who can come?

    We are sorry the experience is not suited to under 18s, sufferers of motion sickness, dizziness, psychological or neurological disorders. We are sorry the experience deals with adult themes that some will find confronting, disorientating or uncomfortable.

    Please see our full terms of entry for more information.

    Due to its nature the appointments are unfortunately not fully wheelchair accessible but we will be arranging regular wheelchair accessible events. Please email before you book and we will aim to give you the best possible experience.

  • Who created us?

    dotdotdot, a company creating layered reality experiences that specialises in mixing live performance, multi-sensory elements and immersive technologies.


Your SLEEP™ appointment is waiting for you.

We look forward to meeting you.

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